Welcome to the new Mersham Sports Club website! Huge thanks to Alan Hart Design and The National Lottery Community Fund for making this possible!    Tickets for our Halloween and Fireworks Extravaganza are now on sale- book now for discounted prices!!! Click here for more info.

Thinking of joining the club and want to have a chat about it first? Get in touch today!

For general club inquiries please email mershamsportsclub@gmail.com or contact a member of the Sports Club Committee which can be found here

If you wish to inquire about particular sports that we offer at Mersham Sports Club please see the relevant sections contact list by clicking the links below;
Cricket Contacts 
Football Contacts
Archery contacts 
Cycling Contacts
Netball Contacts
Social Events and Sports Contacts 
Volunteering Contacts 
Sponsorship and Commercial Contacts 


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4th May 2016

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