Established in 1949 in the heart of East Kent, Mersham Sports Club has something for everyone.

With five thriving sections, immaculate facilities and ideal location, the growing village club is a welcome host for the young and old.

Please check out all the sections on our web site for more information about the different sports and social activities available.


Our club ethos is a written declaration that sets out how we want to run as a club. It’s simple and concise and can be understood by members, players, parents and officials.

  • To provide sport and social activity for members of all ages and abilities, in a safe and friendly environment.
  • To deliver age‐appropriate coaching to support long‐term player development.
  • To encourage all players to try their best and make the most of their abilities.
  • To offer a challenging but supportive environment where members can learn from their mistakes without undue pressure and anxiety.
  • To promote good behavior and respect for others.