The Sports Club Committee has long-term plans to improve the facilities and the services that we provide our members.

We have been working towards these for the past decade and with the completion of phase 1, we are now able to move on to phases 2 and 3, Plans are finally starting to come to fruition and hopefully in the not-too-distant future we will be near completion, providing fantastic facilities for all. Full details of the Club’s Business Plan and drawings of the Centre are available here.

We need the support of all members if we are to achieve these plans, please support the club in any way you can by attending training and matches, supporting club events, volunteering if you can, even donations or sponsorship, any help would be greatly appreciated and help to achieve our goals for the benefit of all.


Phase 1 – New Entrance – COMPLETE!

Phase one of the Club Development Plans was completed in 2017, the building of a new safer entrance to  the ground and extending the car park, taking a lot longer than anticipated after various issues with the project. This was financed by club funds together with a donation of £5000 from the Parish Council at a cost of £26,400.


Phase 2 – Additional Land Purchase – Purchased

Phase 2 involved the acquisition of additional land to expand our playing area. The current land is in constant use throughout the year and as a result is in desperate need of some TLC.

With the increased playing area we will be able to provide more sporting provision for the local community and would not be so reliant on hiring additional facilities. Discussions with the Church Commission, who own all of the land surrounding the ground, have been ongoing since 2008 and we have finally purchased an additional 6 acres (approx). Now the work has begun in converting the land to make it usable for sporting purposes, as I’m sure you appreciate, this will incur significant additional costs, from Fencing to drainage to the surface itself.