Welcome from the Club President- Mick Smithers

Along with my late husband and Family, i have been involved with the Club for 49 years and have seen 3 generations of families, including my own, enjoying the facilities of the Club.

Over the years we have been encouraged by the growing interest from the village and surrounding area to participate in the various sports offered by Mersham Sports Club.

All activities are conducted in a safe and encouraging environment.

Of course, this growth in membership has put tremendous pressure on our facilities.

Therefore, we are actively looking to raise money for a new club house, as already, unfortunately, we are having to turn people away as all our programs are oversubscribed.

With this in mind we are inviting everyone to participate and become a Vice President of the Club.   Of course, the main purpose of the Vice President program is to raise funds for the Club to ensure future generations can continue to benefit from a great local facility

For further information please see below.

I would be more that happy to provide further information should you require it.

Yours sincerely

 Pat Smithers

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Thinking of becoming a VP;

As you may have seen or heard that Mersham Sports Club’s development program has identified the need for a new Club House to meet the growing demand from the village and beyond to participate in sports activities. This of course will cost money; a new club house has been estimated at £660,000,

Thankfully, various organizations have pledged Conditional Grant Offers, or have shown interest in supporting our project as follows:

  • Sport England                          £90,000
  • Ashford Borough Council       £50,000
  • Mersham Parish Council         £20,000 (£15,000 already received)

A Total of                    £170,000

Of course, Mersham Sports Club has a responsibility to also make a sizable contribution to this development circa £120,000, and to date has raised £65,000 through various social functions and the kind generosity of a few individuals.

It is also hoped that as the Club has been granted Charity Status this could make donating for some a little easier.

Your participation in our Vice President program will help create a legacy that the Club can be proud of and future generations can enjoy.

To participate, please see below:

  • membership is on an annual basis (based on the date you join).
  • membership contribution starts at £30.00, if you would like to donate more please feel free.
  • you will receive a quarterly newsletter keeping you appraised of all Club developments.
  • you will receive a yearly invite to attend The Presidents dinner (not to be missed).
  • priority notifications / invitations to social events, including a very enjoyable golf day.

For those wishing to become a V.P. please send a cheque made out to Mersham Sports Club to the address below, those who would prefer to pay by bank transfer, please contact Martin McDonagh (see below).

Whether paying by cheque or bank transfer please confirm your contact details to the email address below to ensure you receive V.P. communications.

Pat Smithers
President Mersham Sports Club
c/o, 31 Cherry Glebe,
TN25 6NL
Email Pat