Join the Club today!

After a successful trial by the Football Section last year the whole club will now be using Teamo to manage memberships, and fees.

The system will be used by all sections of the club to collect membership, notify members of activities and events including training and matches, collect availability for matches and announce teams. Please adjust your notification settings so that you do not miss any information relevant to you or your child.

If you are completely new to Mersham Sports please email the club by clicking here for details about joining or see Contact pages for individual sections to contact them directly.

If you have been told to register on Teamo by a Coach/manager-  Members and Parents should download the Teamo app to your device:

or go to and register there.
Please do not do this until requested to do so by your coach/manager.

You will be made aware of any payments due to you via the app.

Guides for registration can be found below;
Juniors- Non-playing Parents Registration Guide – for parents of juniors that don’t play in senior teams themselves.
Juniors/Seniors- Playing Parents registration Guide– for parents of juniors that also play in senior teams.
Seniors- Players registration guide- for players without junior members of club.

Once you have set up your account and downloaded the app, please ensure that you;

Fully complete your profile (and your child’s) including emergency contact details and agreeing to policies and codes of conduct- this is vital information your coach/manager will need.

Set your notification settings to ensure you receive messages from managers/coaches, please do not mute the app or you will not be aware of vital information. 

See our guide to using Teamo here- How to use Teamo

Tips and FAQs 

Teamo have recently launched a new version of their app so yours may need updating, and there are still some teething issues. See some useful tips and FAQs below;

1- To refresh the app and your profile- click your profile icon in top LH corner- pull down here to refresh the app- this should solve a lot of issues.

2- If you are unable to view or confirm availability for fixtures or training sessions, you can reload your calendar by going to the calendar, clicking the settings icon and selecting ‘reload calendar’

The 2 tips above will solve the majority of issues so please try them in the first instance.

3- If you are a member of another club using Teamo- use the link above to register for MSC Teamo, then in your profile icon you should be able to switch between clubs- if you are unable to do this- refresh your Teamo as above.

4- The Teamo help desk are very helpful and will be able to assist you if you are having difficulties, contact them via settings in the app or desktop. by using the help desk you will help improve the app and experience for others as they will be able to log and resolve any issues.

5- Please ensure your notification settings are set up so that you receive all notifications relevant to you and you do not miss some vital information and updates.