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Ashford Archers were founded by John Clark, an archer since 1962 and a master bow-man, he decided that there ought to be an archery club in Ashford.

In 1969 he put an advertisement in the local paper for people interested in taking up the sport to get in touch with him, and the rest is history.

The sport of archery has been around for decades, with competitions such as the Olympics, World Championships, World Cup and continental events. Modern Olympic archery has four events, with men and women competing in both individual and team events. At the Olympic Games, recurve archers shoot at targets 70 meters away. The target is 1.22 meters in diameter and marked with 10 concentric rings. Individuals complete in a qualification round to rank archers, once the round is complete head-to-head matches are then used to determine the winner.

The sport contains more than one type of bow. Compound and bare bows are found at most competitions. Barebow archers shooting in the same style as recurve whereas compounds shoot at 50m on an 80cm face with fewer scoring zones.

The sport has grown into different variations. With Field and 3D archery being just as popular as target archery. Field archery competitions involve two days of shooting with 24 targets being shot each day and 3 arrows at each target. Day one involves unmarked archery where the archers need to work out the distance. Day two involves known distances but further away. Overall scored wins the competition.

At Ashford Archers, we welcome all types archers from any bow style.


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